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Improper watering practices are undoubtedly the single biggest factor leading to decline of home lawns

It is important to remember that even with a professionally installed system, it is important to check coverage & performance on a regular basis, as heads may become clogged, damaged, or off-center, and leaks in the line may occur.

If an area is not receiving water from one or more heads, or a head is not providing proper coverage, dry spots can develop. This can lead to any of the problems associated with drought stressed turf, exp- weeds, turf destroying insects, & color, just to name a few.



The signs off “Drought Stress” that you need to look for are:

  • Leaf Blades are folded in half lengthwise in an attempt to save water
  • The grass takes on a blue-gray tint, rather than maintaining a green color
  • Foot prints or tire tracks remain visible on the grass long after being made


Although water is important in maintaining a healthy lawn, the majority of home owners over-irrigates or irrigates incorrectly - Too much water is damaging to turf grass and is often the underlying cause of lawn failure


Problems with over-watering include:

  • An overly succulent shout system, susceptible to disease & insect infestation
  • An overly succulent shout system, susceptible to disease & insect infestationBuild up of excessive thatch, particularly in St. Augustine grass
  • Weaker cell walls in the shoot tissue; overall stress resistance
  • Higher water bills $$$$


S&O GREENWORKS pride ourselves in providing our customers with any and all information & services needed to provide you with a green, healthy lawn


This inspection will included:

  • Proper setting of “Timer Box”
  • Check all zones, for cracks, leaks, broken heads, & broken lines
  • Adjust all heads for proper coverage
  • Clean out and unclog all nozzles


And we will inform you of:

  • How frequently to water
  • How much to water
  • Time of day to water
  • How turf irrigation affects your landscape & plants
  • Any particular micro environmental effect such as shade or landscape that may affect irrigation requirements


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