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Customized Lawn Fertilization Services

What really makes S&O stand out from the competition is the relationship that we have with our customers. If you give us a call or request a quote, you will get a prompt response. No operators, no long waiting times: we will give your requests the personal attention you deserve.

We are always striving to be a 100% environmentally clean company. Also committed to educating our customers and the public on sustainable lawn care. Another things that sets us apart from any other lawn care company is that we are affordable! Because customer service is the number one priority at S&O, we are committed to offering our services at rates competitive to others. Rates vary by lawn size and locale.



Lawn Monitoring

With your S&O GREENWORKS customized service program we provide you and your property the individual attention and results you deserve. We start with the current conditions of your property, which tells us where to put the emphasis from the first visit. S&O GREENWORKS then continuously monitors and records the progress of your property throughout the year to ensure that it is progressing on time and on schedule.



Lawn Maintenance

Tips, like raising the height of your mower for the right cut, sharpening your blades, or proper watering times and methods are all the “little things” that are crucial in taking a so-so lawn to an award winning S&O GREENWORKS lawn! These are just a few of the details our representatives will be looking for with every treatment.



We will take care of Public Enemy #1

Red imported fire ants are the primary insect problem for Southern home lawns, schools, parks, and business and industrial sites.  Currently, fire ants infest over 325 million acres across the southern tier of states. And they’re moving into California and northward along both coasts.



Free Service Calls

At any time you notice a decline in your lawn, simply call our office to discuss your findings, questions or concerns. If any lawn damaging conditions are present, a S&O GREENWORKS trained expert will be dispatched to your property AT NO CHARGE. We simply are not satisfied until you are!





Tips & Resources



Fertilizing your lawn

Regular fertilization throughout the year is very important for maintaing a healthy lawn. The specific types of fertilizer applications will vary from location to location and will also depend on your type of grass and soil conditions. Fertilization throughout the year will help replenish nutrients lawn help prevent color depletion during the winter. It will also reduce stress caused by the Florida summer heat and develop strong healthy grass roots that survive from year to year.



Turf Types

When you are installing a new lawn, whether it is St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Celebration Bermuda you can trust S&O Greenworks to prepare a Custom Care Lawn Solution specific to your lawn. This will increase turf density and improve the overall health and appearance of your new lawn.



Lawn Aeration

Compaction can be caused by many things including; mulched grass clippings, everyday foot traffic, children playing in the yard, or furniture and other objects that remain on the lawn. All lawns lawn need “breathing room” to grow. Lawn Aeration from S&O Greenworks will help loosen compacted soil, increasing its ability to transfer air, nutrients and water to your lawns root system. It is usually a good idea to fertilizer and water your lawn immediately afterward to maximize the conditions created by aeration.



Lawn Chemistry

Understanding the pH level of your yard helps S&O Greenworks create an environment most conducive to turf growth. If it rains a lot, you might have to add lime your lawn to balance it out. If a lawn turns yellow, sometimes the culprit is lack of iron. A detailed lawn analysis by S&O Greenworks will determine what you need.




Typically a soft spongy lawn is usually a sign of thatch. A Thick layer of thatch can be caused by improper mowing, improper watering or improper fertilization. A thin layer of thatch can actually help prevent ground compaction and will hold more moisture in the soil. A thick layer of thatch on the other hand is detrimental to you lawn, harboring insects and disease and acts like a barrier that holds back water, nutrients and air from the soil which are all the things grass roots need to stay healthy.

If you already have thatch problems, call S&O Greenworks at 813-685-5959 for assistance with lawn aeration and pH level balancing.



Avoid thatch buildup in your lawn: Mow on a high setting and rake vigorously, but without tearing the roots of your lawn – especially St Augustine. Water your lawn as directed by our experts.


Weed Control

Everyone can agree that weeds are unsightly, but they are also harmful to your yard. What people may not realize is that they compete with grass and other plants for moisture, nutrients, light and space. To control weeds, S&O Greenworks applies a post-emergence herbicide, which is absorbed into the leaves and is then circulated down into the root system. However, since this doesn’t prevent the seeds from germinating and re-infesting a lawn, we recommend a regular lawn maintenance program custom fitted to your particular lawn.

Since proper fertilization, mowing and irrigation encourage your grass to grow in quickly and prevent weed growth, the experts at S&O Greenworks will help you develop a total weed treatment and prevention solution. While hot dry weather encourages weeds, a well-maintained lawn that is properly fertilized, watered and mowed will overcome this.

One of the greatest challenges in landscaping and gardening is weed control. There is an appropriate saying, “Nature despises a void.” This certainly applies to bare, weed-free soil. What you might not realize is that weeds can attract and harbor destructive insects. We already knew that weeds compete with desirable plants for water, light and nutrients, but what we learned was that weeds can also provide a home for “vectors.” A “vector” can be defined as “an organism that carries pathogens from one host to another.” In this case, pathogens would be destructive plant insects, such as aphids, among others.

Customized post and pre-emergent weed control applications are performed throughout the year in an effort to provide your property the most effective, and agronomic weed suppression program available. S&O Greenworks prides itself as one of the leading companies knowledgeable in providing “spot treatments” for weeds in the increased temperatures of summer!



General Lawn Mowing Advice

It’s important to remember that lawn mowing is healthy for your lawn. You’re removing away the oldest part of the grass blade because it grows from the bottom up. If you use a high mower setting you will generally be trimming the top third of the blade, which will shade the roots and encourage a deeper root system. Having a deep root system allows water to reach further down in the soil, providing a reserve in between watering. Understanding that different types of grass require different cutting heights, you should generally cut grass at a little higher level during the cooler months.




With the proper lawn mower, Grass-Mulching can be done while simultaneously mowing the lawn. This process returns nutrients to the soil while taking care of the disposal of yard debris. A mulching lawn mower cuts and then re-cuts the grass clippings into tiny pieces. Interestingly, grass clippings are approximately 75 percent water and they decompose quickly, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients that feed the lawn.

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