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Shrub & Ornamental Care

A nice lawn is definitely the foundation for a beautiful yard but a yard is not a landscape without shrubs, trees and other ornamental plants. S&O Greenworks will help to keep these healthy and vibrant.

Having your favorite tree or shrub overcome by an insect infestation or neglect is never an issue when you trust S&O Greenworks landscaping care services. We will give your trees and shrubs the same care and consideration we give to your lawn. Our expert landscape care professionals understand Florida’s climate and what environmental conditions influence tree and shrub growth. We use this knowledge to provide customized landscaping care services that treat and prevent any issues with the appropriate remedy.



Tree and Shrub Maintenance Services

For year-round landscape care, our Maintenance Services are designed to meet the needs of your individual landscape. We inspect your trees, foundation plants and shrubs around your home and protect them with this comprehensive plan.



Tree and Shrub Care Services

For serious tree and shrub needs requiring immediate attention, we offer a customized landscape care services that will address the problem and fix it before damage can occur.




Tips & Resources



Caring for Your Trees & Shrubs

Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs need feeding to thrive in the harsh Florida summers. If planted in the lawn, the tree will benefit from the same fertilizer that is applied to the grass. But if you you are not careful, the use a lawn fertilizer that contains herbicides for broad-leaf weeds can damage or even possibly kill trees. S&O Greenworks can help to make sure all of your trees & shrubs thrive with a Customized Tree & Shrub Service Plan.

When planting a young tree, make sure to leave a ring of mulch three to ten feet in diameter around the base of the tree (depending on tree size). Grass that grows too close to a young tree can actually be harmful. When you apply mulch around the base of a young tree, it helps to insulate the soil and retain moisture. It also prevents soil compaction, keep out weeds and reduces wear and tear to your lawn mower.



Improving Your Yard and Landscape

Most people love trees, but in the Florida climate it is sometimes difficult to maintain a healthy, vibrant yard under those trees. You can overcome this by planting shade-tolerant grass under your trees and setting your mower blade to a high setting. When you leave a longer grass blade, it gives your yard the ability to trap light and thrive. If however you need more light it is good practice to periodically prune your trees.

With an well established Florida lawn, you should choose a species of tree that casts filtered shade to prevent future problems from happening. Trees will not only beautify your yard and increase your property value, they can help you save energy costs. The cooling properties created by their shade, especially in Florida, can help lower your home’s air conditioning needs.

The lawn and landscape professionals at S&O Greenworks understand how Floridas environmental conditions can influence tree & shrub growth, and they use that knowledge to provide a Customized Tree and Shrub Care services that helps to protect, fertilize and maintain the trees &shrubs in your yard.

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